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Indoor Air Quality Services in Smyrna GA

In the world we live in today, toxic air is a reality and we breathe it in every single day. Putting this toxic air into our bodies is known to cause serious health problems. We’ve got a solution to this with the best air purification services at Dickerson.

Smyrna, GA

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Our air purification services

Our air filtration systems are highly effective in producing fresh, clean air. The function of our air purifiers is to take in the air from the outside and filter them through various processes and push out clean air into your home.
A UV light air purifier eliminates microbes when they pass through the system. The UV lights are a chemical free way to kill bacteria and other pollutants. We offer both home and commercial UV light systems.
Heat exchangers recycle the heat from the inside air and blow it outside, bringing in fresh heated air into your home ensuring you breathe fresh air every time. They are also great to avoid window condensation.

Whole home humidifiers Smyrna, GA

The winter air can get so dry and icy at times so why not invest in a whole home humidifier. Humidifiers are a great way to add moisture to the air as well as preventing dryness which can be an irritant to the body.
Summer air can get too humid leaving you sticky, hot, and feeling for a shower in mere minutes after you’ve just had one. Dehumidifiers are used to remove the water from the air and are great for those humid summer months. For the best dehumidifiers for home contact Dickerson heating and air.

Air duct cleaning Smyrna, GA

We offer duct cleaning service using the latest technology, the Rotobrush beast which is a powerful duct cleaning machine. Air duct cleaning creates a cleaner living environment. Over time your ducts build up dirt dust and other bacteria and as air flows through it enter your home. This bacteria causes allergies to inflame. Bad odor may be coming from your dirty ducts as different smells can get caught up and stay in your ducts. Mold is known to grow in them as well caused by condensation of your HVAC system. Regular cleaning of your ducts alleviates all these problems.

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