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Indoor air quality isn’t a buzzword or trend – it’s vital to your health and safety. You wouldn’t live in a home without a smoke or carbon monoxide detector – why would you live in a home without an air purifier? Air purifiers are a must have for most owners. Trees clean air. So do we! At Dickerson Heating & Air we have taken a commitment to help our customers live healthier through cleaner air!

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What is an air purifier & what does it do?

If someone in your family suffers from asthma, allergies, & other respiratory issues, an air purifier can play a vital part in your treatment process. These advanced machines help to neutralize odors & eliminate dangerous contaminants in the air.

An air purifier improves air quality by capturing and removing particles in the air and/or neutralizing pollutants, including:

Types of Home Air Purifiers

There are four key types of home air purifiers:

Combination Air Purifiers

Most modern air purification systems use a combination of the devices listed above to thoroughly clean the air. All the air purifier types listed above are available as whole-house purifiers.

Whole-house air purifiers are air purifiers that are either built into your HVAC system or installed in-line in one of your home’s main air ducts. These air purifiers installed with an HVAC system are ideal for new construction or new HVAC systems, but can be very costly when retrofitting. Whole-house air purifiers (in-line or installed with an HVAC system) run when your HVAC system is running. Which in return means you must keep your heating or cooling on, at least minimally, year-round. If you’re looking to add a whole-house air purifier to your home without upgrading your existing HVAC system, an in-line air purifier is likely the right choice!

We at Dickerson Heating & Air understand the need to prioritise the importance of finding the right air purifier for you! For HVAC service done right, call Dickerson Heating & Air in Marietta, GA on 770-445-2700.

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