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Heating & Cooling (HVAC) Services in Hiram GA

On the search for a heat pump repair company? If you are looking for reliability and convenience when it comes to your heating and air conditioning requirements, the team in Hiram, GA have just the solution for you. Dickerson Heating and Air, LLC have experience in the industry for over 30 years with the expertise to service not only residential but also commercial clients as well.

What are the services provided in Hiram GA?

Hiram, GA

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World class HVAC service at your doorstep

If you are looking for world class service, our qualified service experts are well equipped to provide you with the right solution for your furnace or heat pump repair.
Those cold winters when your heating system may start to trouble will not be a hassle for our team providing you with cost effective and efficient service when you need it the most.

Whether it is air conditioning replacements, a furnace installation or perhaps you may require services to your furnace. We are a company that lives by our core values, ensuring that we serve our customers, with safety being our priority and always living up to the highest level of integrity. You know you can trust us to provide you with only the best service here in Hiram GA.

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AC repair services Hiram, GA

With extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of air conditioning services, our team knows exactly where to find the fault and how to get it repaired in no time at all. Cost effective repairs without losing you hundreds of dollars when doing so, we will make sure that you do not lose those days of enjoying the cool air you deserve during the summer months whilst indoors.

Ductless mini split services & Indoor Air Quality

According to manufacturers it is ductless mini splits that are more appealing than a central duct system. Ductless mini splits are recommended as this can increase energy efficiency. Another benefit of having a ductless mini split system will reduce concerns you may have about duct leakage. It is mindful to take note that the traditional duct system have the tendency to collect dirt and grime over time however with ductless mini split system, the evaporators which are generally situated close to the distribution point, in turn lowers the amount of air leakage, and the build up of dirt in ductwork that are coupled to the mini split systems.

Our indoor air quality service provides various options for our customers in Hiram, GA. In these unprecedented times, when it comes to bacteria and viruses, our team of experts in the area are ready to provide you with a comprehensive duct cleaning service that leaves your vents sanitized the way it should be.

For all your heating and air conditioning services in Hiram, GA when you call 770-445-2700. Give yourself only the best for your money’s worth!

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