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Extreme humidity can cause your home to be unbearable. If your indoor humidity level is above 50%, it can also be detrimental to your indoor air quality, ultimately affecting your health. Controlling humidity is vital to having a comfortable home. High levels of humidity can also affect wood and drywall.

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What are dehumidifiers for home?

Dehumidifiers make the air dryer by pulling humid air over coils, which turns the humidity into water that either collects into a drain or an in-unit basin. Whole-house dehumidifiers can empty collected water into a floor drain with a hose. While portable dehumidifiers must be emptied by hand.

Dehumidifiers significantly contribute to your home’s health and safety. It could prevent allergies, the growth of microbes and fungi, warped flooring and pests and even prevent respiratory infections.

Why should you install a home dehumidifier system?

In Georgia, moisture poses big problems. Dehumidification is the natural effect of the cooling process. Keeping humidity levels under control helps in many ways

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Common types of dehumidifier problems include:

If you experience any of these issues, our experts are on call to assist.

We can thoroughly investigate the problem and provide you with possible solutions for your dehumidifier. We give you a comprehensive explanation of the work process and affordable pricing so you never have to worry about extra expenses.

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