Indoor Air Quality In Powder Springs GA

Summer is almost here. When was the last time you serviced your indoor air quality system system? Ensure you have the best indoor air quality at your residential or commercial address. We help with failing quality indoor air quality systems preventing discomfort. Enjoy an optimised working environment at the workplace or a serene environment at home by calling Dickerson Heating and Air today.

Take advantage of our maintenance contracts for your convenience with favorable terms for you to have the best indoor air quality all year round hassle free.

5 Reasons You Need An Air Purifier In Powder Springs, GA

How Can An Air Purifier help you breathe virus and bacteria free air.

In recent times it has become increasingly important to take extra steps and precautions to safeguard ourselves, customers and staff from the deadly pandemic. Having an indoor air quality HVAC system can help prevent seasonal viral infections especially if your residential or commercial premises suffer from poor natural ventilation allowing airborne viruses to be inhaled. Enjoy breathing pure air, free of allergens and other air contaminants. Indoor air quality will be largely improved as the airborne virus can be filtered in the air purifier system. Take steps to protect your family by upgrading your indoor air quality system.

Droplets can linger in the air for longer hours indoors and can travel more than 6 feet indoors. Now is the best time to get an indoor air purifier system from us. The installation of an indoor air purifier system is essential in preventing the contraction seasonal flu or colds. If you often have guests over or work in an overcrowded office you could be exposing yourself and your family members to unsafe breathing air. Ensure the safety of your family and friends and overall health by installing an indoor air quality system.

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With over 30 years of experience and excellence in our field we are proud to be serving the community with top quality talented technicians at affordable rates. Our friendly staff are available for any emergencies 24/7. We are a partner with RHEEM, one of the industry’s leading brands. At Dickerson Heating and Air we keep up with the latest trends in the industry, including environmentally friendly technology and other modern advancements. We offer financing for all our indoor air quality HVAC services.

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