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Don’t wait until the heat gets unbearable before you find and fix any problem you suspect your air conditioner is having. What if the next time you turn it on, nothing happens? You and your family end up struggling to cope with the heat, which leads to a bad day for everyone.

You can avoid the above sad scenario by being proactive and having a licensed company service your AC whenever you suspect something is wrong or before the start of summer each year. To have a smooth-running system to cope with the tough Powder Springs heat requires planning and preparation. Call us now so that our friendly HVAC technicians will take the weight off your shoulders with first-class AC unit services.

When you delay servicing your AC, the problem doesn’t go away. On the contrary, it gets bigger. Why not let us face it now rather than later? With a well-trained and experienced team always available, we provide the best AC services to every home and office.

Top Signs That You Need AC Service, Powder Springs, GA

What Happens If You Fail To Replace Your AC Filter?

Along with affordable AC services, we also provide indoor air quality and duct cleaning services, heating system replacement, heating system repair, heating system installation, and heating system maintenance services.
If your AC is important to you, then you should only allow trained and trusted technicians to care for it. Call Dickerson Heating And Air now at 770-445-2700 to get the best AC service in Powder Springs, GA, and surrounding areas. We’re the AC service home and we also offer AC emergency services.

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